Emergency Response Procedures

Fire and Other Urgent Situations


In case of fire, evacuate upwards through the emergency staircase in the hallway. As we are on the 15th floor, evacuating to the top floor is the safest option. Do not use the elevators. If escaping outside is impossible, utilize the emergency escape route on the balcony floor of the inner room. Fire extinguishers are available in the entrance hall.


During an earthquake, keep the entrance door open. After the earthquake subsides, evacuate to the 1st floor through the emergency staircase in the hallway. Do not use the elevators.


As there is a risk of power outage, do not use the elevators. Turn on the TV for disaster safety broadcasts and wait safely inside the house. It's advisable to secure drinking water.

Hospital Emergency Call

In Korea, the ambulance call number is '119'. You can make a phone call to this number, or if you're not fluent in Korean, you can also send a text message with the situation and current address to receive assistance.

When Visiting a Pharmacy (Symptoms)

1. Food poisoning = 식중독

2. Fever reducers = 해열제

3. Constipation relief medication = 변비약

4. Diarrhea medication = 설사약

5. Cold medicine = 종합감기약

6. Menstrual pain relief = 생리통

7. digestive medicine = 소화제

pharmacy Location 1

pharmacy Location 2

In any emergency situation, please contact Host Sunny. We will provide assistance to ensure your safety to the best of our ability.