Machine Operation Method

Smart TV, Air Conditioner, Heating System, Induction Cooktop

Smart TV Operation


1. Power On / Off

2. Menu Selection: Choose terrestrial TV channels, Netflix, YouTube, Wavve, Tving for viewing.

3. Confirm / Select

4. Go back to the previous

Air Conditioner Operation


1. Set the desired temperature (Optimal for summer: 23~26 degrees Celsius)

2. 냉방(Cooling) / 제습(Dehumidification) / 송풍(Air circulation)

3. Buttons for setting modes such as cooling, dehumidification, and fan.

4. When the direct breeze is too strong

5. Set the reservation stop time

6. Selection button

Heating System Operation


1. Display the desired temperature (Optimal for winter: 24~26 degrees Celsius)

2. Set the desired temperature higher/lower

3. 외출(water Heating on, room temperature off) / 난방(water Heating on, room temperature on)

Induction Cooktop Operation


1. Power button (Hold for more than 1 second)

2. Choose the location to turn on the light

3. Select firepower from 0 to 9