Check-In / Check-Out

Check-In / Check-Out / Parking Instructions / Baggage Storage Instructions


1. Common Entrance : 🔑 1234 🔔

2. House Entrance: You can enter using the password provided one day in advance.

3. Check-in Time: From 4:00 PM (Early check-in can be arranged based on cleaning schedule)


1. Please use the recycling station on the first floor for separating recyclables.

2. Please put food waste in a plastic bag before disposal.

3. Additional trash bags for general waste are available in the drawer next to the washing machine.

4. Please make sure to turn off all lights, air conditioning, and heating. (You don't need to unplug the power cords.)

5. Please be sure to close the front door.

Parking Instructions

1. Collect the penguin parking card located at the house entrance.


2. Park your vehicle in the parking tower on the building's 1st floor.


3. Tag your parking card and open the blue vehicle number input box.


4. Enter the 4-digit vehicle number and confirm.

5. Parking is complete.

Baggage Storage Instructions (Before/After Check-in/Check-out)

1. You can store your luggage for free at the nearby information center (first come, first served).

2. You can secure your belongings in the house corridor using a bicycle key (Bike Key Code: 92125).
* Please note that we are not responsible for any losses.
* The bicycle key is located in the outdoor water dispenser box near the entrance.

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